Social Security pensioners to be Paid before Christmas

. The Social Security Board has announced that Social Security payments to all recipients for the month of November 2018 have been met, and the Cabinet was told that payments to Social Security recipients for the month of December 2018 will commence today , Thursday, and be fulfilled by Friday, December 21, 2018. Everyone who is entitled is likely to receive their December 2018 payments before the Christmas holidays. According to the latest cabinet notes, the Social Security administrators provided some very useful data that proved helpful to the Cabinet. The population of Antigua and Barbuda in 2018 stands at 110,000 (one hundred and ten thousand). In 2015, the year for which the data have been confirmed, 49,308 workers were in the labour force. 19,200 youth were enrolled in schools across the country. 40,000 others comprise the infants, the elderly, the sick, and those in-between jobs. The number of jobs grew within the past four years, with many workers holding two jobs simultaneously. Social Security contributions are on the rise, and investment income has become a very necessary component of the payments it makes monthly. According to the cabinet notes the Central Government has paid its monthly contribution in full since June 2014, and has not borrowed any resources from the Social Security in its four and one-half years. The number of pensioners continues to grow, and the administrative expense has remained flat. The Social Security administrators pointed out that they can report on sectors of the workforce whose members chronically evade paying social security deductions though the law requires payments.It was pointed out to the cabinet that self-employed workers are the least likely to pay. This sub-set includes building contractors and sub-contractors, barbers and hairdressers, taxi drivers, fisherfolk and small business operators.