Sir Robin pledges increased water by Thursday and 24hr supply by year-end

As opposition parties and residents continue to chastise the government for sustained water supply issues, the minister with responsibility for public utilities has announced that another reverse osmosis plant will be contributing to production levels by tomorrow. Sir Robin Yearwood used his presentation during the 2022 budget debate to tackle the issue of water supply which has been a hot button political matter for several years, with the ruling administration promising to remedy the issue ahead of the 2014 polls.

 Speaking on Tuesday evening, the Member of Parliament declared, “We are putting a plant down at Fryes as we speak. It’s going on the line Thursday.”

He added that the plant will produce 350,000 imperial gallons of water which will be routed to Gray Hill since “the south has water right now, they get water every day.”

In February 2020, APUA’s Water Business Unit manager, Ian Lewis, told a press conference that, within the 2020 budget, the body was scheduled to install a new plant at Fort James, which would produce about 500,000 gallons per day, and a plant at Fryes Beach would also come on stream with funding from the Japanese government.

However, logistical issues brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic, including delayed support from a Japanese technician, caused interruptions in getting the plant operationalized in time. Sir Robin has also indicated that the plant earmarked for Fort James “will be arriving in the next two to three weeks” and is expected to produce “half a million gallons per day”.

The Member of Parliament said another reverse osmosis plant planned for Bethesda is expected to arrive in Antigua between late August and September. Sir Robin asked for residents to be patient while the ministry aims to remedy water supply, committing the Antigua and Barbuda Labor Party administration to this major promise for 2022.


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