Russians leave 13 ‘executed civilians’ on highway of death where couple were killed and ‘booby trap their bodies’ in evidence of MORE Russian war crimes – with claims of 300 dead in one city

Retreating Russian soldiers left 13 dead civilians along a highway leading out of Kyiv, with some of the bodies being booby-trapped with mines, according to reports. 

Grim eyewitness accounts on Friday suggested Moscow’s forces carried out more war crimes in Ukraine, with reports coming out of one city claiming 300 civilians were killed in the last month – as officials begin the process of recovering the dead.

A separate investigation found that as many as 13 people were killed near Kyiv along one stretch of road, including a young couple. Their deaths were captured in a shocking video earlier this month.

The mayor of Irpin, a city recently reclaimed by Ukrainian troops, said this week that up to 300 civilians and 50 ‘defenders’ were killed during Russia’s occupation. Up to 50 percent of the city’s buildings and critical infrastructure was damaged, he added.

Irpin was home to around 60,000 residents before Russian President Vladimir Putin launched his attack on Ukraine on February 24. Mayor Oleksandr Markushyn said around 3,500 people had stayed in the city, and that officials are still looking for people in hidden in their basements.

He pleaded for the city’s residents not to return home yet, as it is still under fire from Russian artillery.

Pictures from Irpin Friday showed soldiers carrying body bags down a ruined stretch of road. Now that Ukraine’s forces have pushed Russia out of the region, work has been able to begin to collect the dead. Only now is the true scale of the devastation in the city being realised.

According to Olena Halushka – a member of an anti-corruption group in Ukraine – some of the bodies were mined by Russian forces before they retreated, creating treacherous booby traps for the recovery workers.

Nearby, an on-the-ground BBC investigation found 13 bodies strewn along a 200-yard stretch of the E-40 motorway that runs into Kyiv from the west – and about 5 miles south of Irpin. Two were of a young couple who were killed while trying to escape the capital down the highway.

Maksim Iowenko, his wife Ksjena and their six-year-old son were part of a 10-car convoy driving down the road when they came under fire from a Russian tank crew.

Harrowing footage from March 7 showed Maksim stopping the car and getting out with his hands up. Despite the obvious sign of surrender, the Russian troops – hidden in a tree-line along the side of the road – gunned him down in broad daylight. His wife was also killed in the attack.

The video, filmed by a drone operated by the Ukrainian military’s Bugatti drone unit – who were monitoring the position of the Russian crew at the time – showed his body slump to the floor. 

His wife was also killed in the attack, while their son and an elderly woman – the mother of one of Maksim’s friend who was also in the car – survived. They were later released by the Russian troops, and were found walking back down the road.

According to the BBC, when the woman returned home she told her family that Maksim had been shouting that there was a child in the car when he was killed by the Russian soldiers.

The broadcaster’s correspondents found the car burnt-out and what they believe to be Maksim’s burnt remains, although the footage did not show that it was on fire during the attack. They theorised that the Russian soldiers torched the vehicle to destroy the evidence of the brutal slaughter.


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