Protestors Take Over Central London to Protest Trump’s Visit

The visit by United States President Donald Trump  to the UK   has attracted  more than 100,000 people who  have taken to the streets to demonstrate against the Presidential visit in central London.

Police are urging the public to stay away from Trafalgar Square after tweeting the area is almost at full-capacity.

Scuffles broke out near Whitehall earlier as tempers flared between campaigners and pro-Trump supporters.

Celebrities and politicians were among the famous faces to join the thousands including leader of the opposition Jeremy Corbyn and former Labour party leader Ed Miliband.

The marchers banged out a wall of noise as they headed from London’s west end to Parliament Square in a loud carnival atmosphere of drumming and cheering.

They started outside the BBC’s headquarters at the top of Regent Street before marching down Regent’s Street and filling Trafalgar Square.

Hours after he landed in London  for a four-day tour of the UK, President Trump said he felt ‘unwelcome’ in the capital and said the blimp made in his likeness was to blame.

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