Prison Upgrades

Promise made and promise kept with making better housing facilities for Her Majesty’s Prison


Phase 1 of the promised prison renovation is completed and will be handed over by the Minister of Works to the Minister of National Security on February 1st 2022.

The new development in the country’s lone correctional facility saw the addition of one hundred and seventy (170) new beds.

The Remand area renovation entailed the erection of 36 containers, which holds a total of 144 beds. The facilities also boast new showers and toilet facilities.

In addition to the holding cells, contractors assembled five (5) containers which will house a new kitchen, storage area and offices. A customized interior drainage system, which will fit containers along with new plumbing for exterior drainage, were installed.

The kitchen was extended to join the preexisting one, with a new baking area, freezers, microwave and AC units.

The First phase saw the erection of new office space, along with a new perimeter security fencing with Barb and Razor Wire. There is also a new sewage tank, with increased water storage tanks to supply new housing was also fitted.


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