PM: Don’t make MP’s death a political issue

PRIME Minister Andrew Holness has urged supporters of both major political parties to desist from making the death of MP for Portland Eastern Dr Lynvale Bloomfield a political issue.

The prime minister, speaking in Parliament Tuesday about the death of Dr Bloomfield, said that as the murder rate increases, the average Jamaican is now seeing it moving closer to them. However, he said the occasion offers an opportunity for both sides of the House of Representatives to reaffirm their cooperation in the fight against crime.

“That it has reached the House of Representatives should in some way spark us to dig deeper to find the solution. I believe what we could do is to reaffirm cooperation in the fight against crime,” Holness told the House.

“I’m paying tribute to Dr Bloomfield, I call upon the supporters of the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) and I call upon the supporters of the PNP that there need not be any quarrel between us over the death of someone who gave his life representing the people of Jamaica,” he stated.

“Just following what is being said in social media, and what I am hearing around me, I think that it is important, and I am certain that the leader of the Opposition, and those who will speak after, will join in the call: That we don’t make his death a political issue. We don’t bring it down to the lowest denominator of political discourse,” he added.

The prime minister said Bloomfield represented “the milk of human kindness” and what “Jamaica people refer to as ‘nice man’”.

In his tribute, Opposition Leader Dr Peter Phillips suggested that the security forces do all it can in pursuing the perpetrator of the murder.