PM Browne Calls On OECS To Purchase Scotia Bank Operaations In the Sub-Region

The Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda has made a call for the OECS  to purchase Scotia Bank operations in the sub-region.

In January 2019, the Prime Minister Threatened to compulsory acquire the Scotia Bank Branch here, after it was announced it  will be selling it’s operations in a number a number of Caribbean countries to Republic Bank Holdings of Trinidad and Tobago.

Addresssing the 4th meeting of the OECS Assembly today, Prime Minister Gaston Browne called on the representatives of the OECS member countries to consider uniting to keep the bank in the OECS.

“I want to put it to this honourable house, that this divestment represents a significant opportunity for the oecs sub-region and I do not see why we should allow a bank from outside the  sub-region to be given priority.I am of the strong view that the oecs should come together and that we should conjointly purchase all the scotia bank branches in the oecs,” the prime minister said.

The Antigua and Barbuda Prime Minister also expressed the view  that citizens of the OECS Should have access to correspondent banks.