Phillips advises PNP local gov’t aspirants to avoid friction

Leader of the Opposition, Dr Peter Phillips, on Sunday morning urged Comrades to avoid “friction or tug-o-war” in selecting caretaker/candidates for the next local government elections.

Dr Phillips told them that the party has already completed the selection of the 63 candidates for the general election, which is expected by early 2021, and is now focusing on the local government elections with the possibility that the two elections could be twinned to save costs.

“We don’t get to pick the date, our responsibility is to be ready for anything that comes and to be victorious, whatever comes,” he told a People’s National Party (PNP) Regions 2 and 3 Councillor Meeting, at the Mico College University, Marescaux Road, Kingston.

He said that with the full parliamentary team already in place, and the vast majority of the local government candidates also in place, “we must complete it without any friction or tug-o-war”.

He admitted that there is more than one candidate in some divisions and that after a decision is made on the candidate, the party will proceed to give that candidate the necessary support.

“There is more that unites us as Comrades of the PNP than divides us. Each of us must be an evangelist for unity. Each of us must be evangelist for victory. If we operate in that way, there is no doubt that we will achieve the success that history expects of us,” Phillips stated.

Other speakers at the meeting included election campaign co-directors Peter Bunting and Phillip Paulwell, who spoke before the Opposition Leader.

Bunting insisted that the unity currently being highlighted within the party was not “phony”, but that they were united around a common purpose that “transcends personal and petty differences”.

He said that the common purpose was about “improving the quality of life for the Jamaican people”.

Paulwell said that the party is at a “much better place” than it was before recent developments and that he is committed to a “fully united” PNP to face the elections.

The event was chaired by the party’s chairman, Fitz Jackson, and General Secretary Julian Robinson, as well as Mayor of Spanish Town, Councillor Norman Scott were also scheduled to speak, but the press was required to leave after Dr Phillips’ speech.


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