Pastor on upsurge in murders:We must fight evil, decay pervading T&T

On the heels of 10 murders over the weekend, Opened Apostle Dr Victor Jogee has called on the nation to fight the evil and darkness that has been pervading the land and decaying the society.

Jogee made the clarion call at a National Day of Prayer at the Centre of Excellence, Macoya, on Sunday.

“Our people in Trinidad and Tobago are hurting. They need healing,” Jogee, of Living Word Christian Centre, told Guardian Media during an interview.

Jogee said the hurt and pain stem from the upsurge of senseless killing of our women and rise in indiscipline and violence in the nation’s schools.

“Our children are in trouble. Our schools are in trouble. Our parents are in trouble. Teachers are in trouble. Women are in trouble. Our nation is crying out for help. Our nation is bleeding. There is a great cry for help in the country,” he said.

In the midst of all the murders, madness and mayhem, Jogee said as a nation, “we must rally together to fight against this pervading scourge.”

Sunday’s event was one of four national prayer meetings to be held this year, Jogee said.

The prayer sessions will also roll into 2023 and 2024.

Jogee appealed to other religious organisations to join forces with them to combat the country’s scourge of violence.

He said citizens have been asking where the churches were in all of this “evil and darkness.”

“I believe the churches must take a stand because the church is the legal representative for the kingdom of God in our land,” he said.

Three weeks ago, Jogee said God spoke to him, urging him to call these national prayer sessions to begin healing for the country.

To host such an event, Jogee said, normally takes a year but because of the direction the country was heading, it was organised in a matter of days.

Asked about the spate of murders over the weekends, where 10 people lost their lives, Jogee said this sent a signal that all was not well.

“When Cain killed Abel, the voice of innocent blood cried out to God. So, we have voices crying out to God and we have come to join those voices today as a church. All the people who have been killed…they are crying out.”

Jogee said he will continue to pray for the protection of Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley, Opposition leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar and MPs.


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