Operators’ new drive

SOME FED UP public service vehicle (PSV) drivers and conductors have ditched both the Association of Public Transport Operators (APTO) and the Alliance Owners of Public Transport (AOPT). 

There is now another association in play, formed yesterday and yet officially unnamed, following a work stoppage which was not sanctioned by either organisation. 

Rumblings about a strike circulated with a WhatsApp voice message earlier this week calling for such action to occur yesterday in protest of the proposed new Transport Authority uniforms as well as other issues. 

This prompted an impromptu meeting on Tuesday called by Minister in the Ministry of Transport, Peter Phillips, with the Transport Authority and the two bodies. Afterwards, the ministry released a statement saying the strike was called off while negotiations continued.
However, this did not sit well with some members of the PSV community who gathered near the Flour Mill on Spring Garden yesterday and refused to work. 

The assembled ZRs and minibuses plied routes including Bowmanston, St John; Bush Hall in St Michael; Fairy Valley, Newton, Silver Sands and Rendezvous, Christ Church; Melrose, St Thomas; Greens, St George; Wanstead, St James, and Speightstown in St Peter.