NGP Leader Urges Political Leaders To Take A Pay Cut

The leader of Saint Lucia’s National Green Party (NGP), Andre de Caires has called on political leaders to set an example in austerity measures by, among other things, voluntarily cutting their salaries.

“It would be good for leaders, regardless of what country they’re in to lead by example,” he asserted.

“Maybe stop travelling and do meetings virtually, take a pay cut, take a look at their expenses and if buying seven vehicles for the government buy three instead and make do with the old ones,” de Caires stated.

“There are many stop gap measures that the leaders can do to show the population that they too are in it with us because we are coming up to some very trying times and leadership means just that – to lead,” the NGP leader told St Lucia Times.

He warned that the world is facing a severe economic crisis that could bring a recession or a depression.

Yet de Caires observed that leaders worldwide live ‘high on the hog.’


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