Negotiations Between Antigua and Barbuda and Barbados Over Liat At A Very Sensitive Stage.

The state of the negotiations which are taking place to purchase that portion of Barbados’ liability to the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB), in the LIAT re-fleeting exercise are at a very sensitive stage. The recent cabinet notes indicated that Antigua and Barbuda’s objective is to acquire sufficient common shares in LIAT that will give the administration a controlling position, instead of collapsing LIAT or reducing the size of its operation. It was also noted that the Gaston Browne administration aims to enlarge LIAT’s routes and to operate LIAT as far north as Florida, stopping in places like Jamaica, Haiti and the Dominican Republic—leasing jet aircraft to achieve this bigger ambition. More than 700 LIAT employees will remain employed if this ambition is realized. The negotiations are at a very sensitive stage, the Cabinet was informed, and will continue until there is an agreement.


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