NCO Financial Services (Antigua) Limited, trading as Alorica on the island, announced on June 29th that it will be closing its doors on July 31, 2018 after being in business for 10 years. Business will be maintained as usual until the last day of operation. Upon much consideration and a comprehensive evaluation, it became increasingly difficult to sustain operations in Antigua given the evolving market trends and strategic needs as well as the high cost of doing business on the island. The final decision of the site closure was not related to poor performance or lack of skills by Alorica employees, as it was apparently suggested over the media in the past few days.

In compliance with good industrial practices and the Labor Code of Antigua and Barbuda, Alorica has consulted with employees with respect to the site closure. Alternative options to avoid or limit the site closure had been considered, but unfortunately, none could resolve the challenges that led to the final decision.

As part of the closure, Alorica agents and supporting staff from the Antigua site will be paid their severance entitlements, outstanding vacation pay and outstanding salaries up to July 31, 2018. As part of its commitment to treat employees fairly and respectfully as well as to support them during this time, Alorica has put in place opportunities to assist employees and will also continue to provide medical insurance to all qualifying employees through the end of October.

“We have made every effort to seek alternative solutions so that we could maintain our operations here in Antigua,” said Michelle Warner, General Manager at Alorica Antigua. “Closing the site is a difficult decision that we take very seriously. During this transition, we will keep our valued employees’ best interest in mind and support them as needed.”

Since 2008, Alorica has injected more than USD$ 50M to the local economy, making a positive impact on the community for years. As of its opening a decade ago, Alorica has employed a workforce of nearly 3000 locals with approximately 400 currently working at the site. The value, hard work and dedication Alorica employees brought gave the Antigua office the reputation of being a reliable and well-performing site for clients over the years.

“We are sad to part ways with our employees, but we are proud of the accomplishments our Antiguan colleagues have achieved over the years and we thank them for their service,” said Warner.

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