More safety regulations coming for petroleum industry

Energy minister Fayval Williams on Sunday announced that, following a recent review, additional safety regulations are being examined for the petroleum industry.

Her statement follows last Friday’s massive fire at Heaven’s Fesco service station, which resulted in the death of 59-year-old mechanic Daniel Farquharson and the injuring of four others who remain in hospital.

Williams reportedly met with the owners and staff of the gas station on Sunday.

“The Ministry of Science, Energy and Technology is the responsible ministry for the petroleum sector, for ensuring that there are safety standards across the sector, [including] gas stations, how petrol is transported, how it is picked up at Petrojam. I am not going to stand here today and tell you that everything is perfect in the sector, because there is still need for additional safety regulations.

“We just recently completed, as in last week, a public consultation around some of the [safety regulations], so in short order the industry will be hearing about the additional safety actions that came out of that petroleum review committee,” she said.

She also called for additional training for staff.


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