Ministry of Home Affairs issues statement on presence of Haitian nationals in Barbados

Statement By Ministry Of Home Affairs & Information Concerning The Presence Of Haitian Nationals In Barbados Following A Recent Media Report

Approximately 30 Haitian nationals arrived in Barbados between February 20 and 25, 2022. As CARICOM nationals they were granted the regular six months stay as visitors, as provided for under the Revised Treaty of Chaguramas, and in keeping with the CARIBBEAN COMMUNITY (MOVEMENT OF SKILLED NATIONALS) (AMENDMENT) ACT, 2020-3. In that regard, they have not contravened the Immigration law.

The Minister with responsibility for Immigration, the Hon. Wilfred Abrahams, and a team from the Barbados Immigration Department, visited them today, Tuesday, March 29, 2022, to verify that they were not being held against their will or in substandard accommodation and are satisfied that this is not the case.

The primary spokesperson for the Haitians, informed officials that they voluntarily came to Barbados en route to Guyana.

The Minister informed them that his primary concern was their well-being and assured them that all efforts are being made to resolve the situation. 


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