Ministry Of Barbuda Affairs To Be Constructed In Barbuda

The Cabinet announced today that a new building is to be constructed in Codrington that will serve as The Office of the Ministry of Barbuda Affairs.

According to the government, “the new building, resilient and hurricane-proof, will be large enough to accommodate all Central Government operations on Barbuda, and will serve to consolidate and to strengthen the Central Government’s presence on the sister-isle.”

The government says it is the body responsible for paying Policemen, firemen, teachers, nurses, doctors, orderlies, petty officers, Government pensioners, Social Security recipients, APUA Electricity Water and Telephones personnel and not through the Barbuda Council.

“The object is for the Central Government to have a sustaining presence in Barbuda and to ensure that recipients of government payouts are not left behind. The new Minister of Barbuda Affairs will be visiting Barbuda shortly,” a statement issued following cabinet said.


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