Market Street vendors share their concerns over possible removal by DCA

In the face of growing public concern over two recent demolitions of business places by the Development Control Authority (DCA) – and who might be next – several vendors have shared their trepidation about their possible removal from the city streets. During a Facebook live video on January 15, four young men lamented the destruction of their small Ital shop in Parham by the DCA. Then two days ago, the body ripped apart a small structure near the National School Bus depot at the East Bus Station where the Natural Levity Ital restaurant still operates.

Deputy Town and Country Planner Clement Antonio recently hinted at plans to tidy up Market Street, triggering anxiety among some as to how this might affect street vendors who line the busy road. Yesterday, sources spoke to several vendors who ply their trade on lower Market Street, where some of them said they have been doing business for as long as 20 years.

Upon approaching one vegetable stall, Pat Cameron said that her daughter is the main operator of the small vending business and indicated that the family has been feeling the impact of low sales as a result of the pandemic.

Sharing similar sentiments was another vendor who did not wish to be named, but said she has been vending on Market Street since the early 2000s .The woman, who sells soft drinks and personal care items, does not have any alternative locations in mind and remains concerned about reaching customers.


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