Manchester man killed after sharing Sunday dinner with his cousins

MANCHESTER, Jamaica  – A Manchester family has been plunged into grief following Sunday’s murder of 28-year-old Kimarley Bryan at Beverly District in the parish.

Bryan had just shared his Sunday dinner with two of his relatives when a gunman shot him in his face. A report from the police’s Constabulary Communications Unit said about 7:25 pm, Bryan was at his sister’s shop when a gunman entered, ordered an item and exited.

The police said shortly after explosions were heard and Bryan was seen suffering from a gunshot wound.

He was rushed to hospital where he was pronounced dead.

A relative, who asked not to be named, felt strongly that Bryan’s killing was in relation to an argument at a party in the neighbouring community of Evergreen. 

“Him did have an argument with a guy in Evergreen on Saturday night at a dance,” the relative said. Bryan was reportedly performing stunts with his car when the man is said to have threatened to kill him.

“Him [Bryan] always a buss him likkle freestyle pon the car and while he was doing that the people dem there like it so dem a boost him and a seh it too short, so him do more,” the relative said.

The following day Bryan was enjoying his Sunday evening with his relatives when his killer posed as a customer and ordered a cigarette in the bar.

“Him deh here a DJ and a gwan wid him likkle unique style. Him guh St Elizabeth and come back. Him ask fi him dinner and sit down across the road pon a wall and a talk to him cousins,” the relative said.

“Everybody deh cross the road when this man pass and go in the bar. Him order a cigarette,” added the relative.

The gunman reportedly asked Bryan and his relatives where a party was being held. 

The relative said just as everyone answered the gunman’s question to say they were not aware of an event in the area, Bryan was shot.

“Mi see when him collapse pon him face. Mi run go out deh and grab him up and turn him over and a baay blood mi see a come through him mouth and nose,” the relative said.

Councillor for the Mile Gully Division, Rohan Kennedy, condemned the murder saying nowhere in Jamaica is safe anymore. 

“Mile Gully is a quiet area. What is happening now is not unique to here. It is a national thing,” he said.

“I don’t think anywhere in Jamaica now we can say it is safe from criminal activity. It is a national cry and we need a unified approach to solve this crime problem, because it really is getting out of control,” he added.

He mentioned statements made by two former ministers of national security in describing the country’s crime situation.  

“One Minister did seh divine intervention, one did seh obeah, but mi think it is going to take all of that plus more,” said Kennedy.


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