LIAT Supervisor Granted Bail

The  operations Supervisor at Liat  who   has been charged with a number of drug offences was granted $10,000 bail in the Magistrate’s  Court  when he made his first court appearance.

He was ordered to pay a cash component of $5000 as part of bail conditions.

Police arrested and charged 35-year-old, Daren Leslie Dunnah last week in relation to the seizure of two pounds of cannabis at the Deep Water Harbour.

The cannabis was reportedly found concealed in the panel of a microwave.

Dunnah,  is a  Flight Operations Supervisor and runs a shipping service out of his home.

He was charged with Importation of 2 pounds of Cannabis, Possession of 2 pounds of Cannabis, Possession of 2 pounds of Cannabis with intent to transfer, and Being concern with the supply 2 pounds of Cannabis.

He pleaded not guilty to all charges and  his trial will begin on November 15th.