Jealous Chinese wife snips her husband’s Manhood with scissors

A wife who believed her husband was cheating snipped his penis with a pair of scissors, causing it to be nearly severed, reported Chinese media.

The woman allegedly attacked her husband’s manhood when he was brushing his teeth undressed after arguing with her in their flat in China.

The husband, known by his surname Li, said he had to run to the hospital with a bleeding groin after being slashed by his partner.

Mr Li, around 30 years old, was assaulted by his wife on the morning of July 21 in Fengcheng, southern China’s Jiangxi Province, according toJiangxi TV.

The traumatised man told a reporter that his wife was always ‘very suspicious’.

He claimed that she had banned him from talking to any female colleague or friend, fearing he would cheat on her. He was not even allowed to smile at women, the man said.

‘We were arguing and I didn’t notice she was holding a pair of scissors,’ said Mr Li while lying on an operating table. He added that his fuming wife then lost control and aimed at his privates with the blades.

Mr Li claimed that he and his wife argued often, but he hadn’t expected her to cut his genitals.

Dr Cao Bo from Shuguang Hospital in Nanchang said Mr Li had undergone emergency surgery, but a full recovery would be challenging.

Dr Cao added that Mr Li’s sexual abilities could be affected after he recovers.

Fengcheng police have launched an investigation into the incident.

Mr Li is receiving further treatment in hospital.

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