On 23 January 2022 at about 8:19pm, the Coast Guard received a report of a missing young man named Jahmali Smith, in the Pigeon Point Beach area.  The initial report received by the Coast Guard was given by Dockyard Police Station and it was clear that the whereabouts of Mr. Jahmali Smith was unknown at the time.

On receiving the report, the Coast Guard immediately contacted the individual who made the original report to the Police Station, the person was reportedly Elca Jarvis, mother of the missing young man. Miss Jarvis informed Coast Guard that her son went swimming with some friends at the Pigeon Point Beach between 1:00pm and 5:00pm.

Persons were subsequently mobilized and at approximately 9:21pm Coast Guard personnel and Dockyard Police arrived at the beach in a vehicle and joined the search party that was already there at Pigeon Point Beach and along the coastline in an attempt to find Jahmali. The law enforcement officials were subsequently joined by ABSAR who provided a search from waterside.  A Coast Guard vessel travelled from St John’s to assist with the search arrived on scene subsequently at 11:05pm. Jahmali’s lifeless body was later discovered about 11:19pm by the shoreline search party at the southern area of the beach, not far from the shore. The mother identified the lifeless body to be her son. At approximately 1:05am Dr Warner pronounced Jahmali Smith to be deceased.

The Antigua and Barbuda Defence Force would like to extend condolences to the family of the deceased as they endure this tragic loss. The Antigua and Barbuda Defence Force Coast Guard (ABDF CG) is committed to the safety of all users of Antigua and Barbuda waters and would always go the extra mile to address marine reports in a timely and professional manner.

The Coast Guard advises sea bathers to exercise extra care while utilizing the beaches.


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