Is his Online Presence Offending You

if  your partner spends  a lot of time  on social media, commenting and sending  messages all around, how offensive is this to you? Does this constitute cheating, and does it take away from time that should be dedicated to you?


It would be a big problem for me and let me tell you why. When I am in public with my man, I am going to look like an idiot because he’s on Facebook and Instagram flirting around and I am sure he wouldn’t want me to style him like that.


My man does this all the time and we constantly argue about his online presence. We will go out and he is on his phone on social media. It led to me breaking his phone one night because I was tired of it. Ladies, do not let your man think it is okay to flirt online because it is not.


My ex did this same thing to me. I would see him commenting on this particular woman’s profile and when I asked, he told me that he didn’t know her but she seemed nice. I told him I was uncomfortable and he told me it was nothing to worry about. After hearing that for seven months, I hacked his social media and found out that they were intimate and she was expecting a baby. Listen ladies, do not take any silly excuses and do what you need to do to find out what is happening, especially when you feel something is wrong.

Avon :

I don’t have a problem if he likes a photo, but I have a problem when he comments and if he is commenting on all of a particular woman’s pictures. I know that will cause a major fall-out between us if I see that.


I am tired of my man doing this to me. I have no evidence that he is cheating as I have searched his phones and just about everything else, but I really am uncomfortable because when he should be spending time with me, he is on his phone looking at other women on social media. Most of the time I feel down.

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