In Jamaica the State will win the battle against crime — Chang

MINISTER of National Security Dr Horace Chang says the Government is determined to defeat crime and disrupt the activities of well-resourced persons who are bent on causing mayhem in communities.

Speaking at a prayer breakfast held at his New Kingston offices on Wednesday, under the theme ‘United for a Safer Jamaica’, Chang argued that the society is being challenged by people who abide by no rules and will do anything for their own success.

He declared that the State will win the battle against crime and encouraged citizens to stand united against the scourge.

“We are going to win because we are committed to our principles, we trust in God, and we have faith in the Jamaican people. We have the men and women out there and we will overcome those challenges,” said Chang as he urged members of the security forces to build trust with citizens.

He further encouraged his audience to persevere “so that we can achieve unity under Christ and achieve the success that we all [strive] for, to ensure that there is public safety and good order for all of Jamaica.”

Delivering the message, pastor of Eastwood Park Road New Testament Church of God, the Reverend Dr Clement Clarke said it is time for “all hands on deck” in the fight against crime.

He cited the need for stronger families and argued that the Church must also play a greater socialising role in the society.

“The church must seek to mentor some of those young boys who are straying and causing mayhem in the society, and some who will ultimately self-destruct. We can slay the monster that is terrorising all of us but we must have the right attitude,” said Clarke.


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