In Dominica Survey findings on ‘favorability of Roosevelt Skerrit as president’ will soon be ready but may not be available to the public says CAPA

The findings of a nationwide survey on the favorability of Roosevelt Skerrit as president of Dominica will soon be handed over to the individuals who commissioned it, says the Caribbean Agency for Political Advancement (CAPA).

Managing Director of CAPA Alex Bruno, told Dominica News Online (DNO) in an exclusive interview that with the tenure of the current president nearing maturity, CAPA was employed to gauge scientifically, the people’s opinion with regard to the new prime minister Roosevelt Skerrit, emerging as a future president of Dominica, now or sometime in the future.

According to Bruno, the 28 question survey conducted between February 11th and 20th, 2022, was done as a random convenient exercise, “which means that the country is plotted out by design on specific dates, and invigilators go around and speak to people who they meet randomly, and are convenient to give a response to the survey. So that is how we do this sampling.”

Bruno also stated that upon completion of the survey which was delayed due to COVID-19, the findings, and an opinion from CAPHA, if requested, will be handled by the people who have commissioned the survey but it may not be available to the public.

“I do not know whether they’re going to make it public; I maybe doubt that it is something that the public will see because the individuals who wanted to know I guess wanted to know for their own reason or purpose, “ Bruno said.

While Bruno did not disclose the names of his clients, he said they are a group of individuals “with interests in the politics of Dominica, ”especially as it relates to the “shifting dynamics” of the political leadership of the country.

“ It’s always healthy to know what the people think and this survey is on its end stages in terms of the fieldwork and [an] opinion will be offered to the commissioning agent, and it will be their work to do whatever they feel they want to do with it,” the political scientist stated. “But our work in CAPA is to get the information to harvest the information, the opinion and to present it to the people who requested it.”

Prime Minister Skerrit, speaking on his weekly Sunday talk show in  January of this year, dismissed claims that he will replace H.E Charles Savarin in 2023,  to become the 9th  President of Dominica. He went on to explain that to accept the position at this time would not be in the best interest of his party.

“Being the President of the country would be an extraordinary honor to be the Head of State of our country. I believe this is the ultimate position in the country but I am a politician and I have been at the helm of the Labour Party since 2004 and I do not believe that me becoming President at this time would be helpful to my party, so I would not accept,” the Prime Minister stated.

Skerrit did not completely rule out the idea of becoming President “down the road” but said 2023 is too soon.


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