Husband of woman who went missing with their two daughters is arrested after ‘confessing to killing them and dumping their Bodies

The body of a missing mother whose husband confessed to her murder after appearing on television pleasing for her to return was found at a site where he worked on Thursday.

Shanann Watts, 34, and her daughters Bella, four, and Celeste, three were all killed by her husband Christopher in Frederick, Colorado.

Shanann, who was 15 weeks pregnant, went missing on Monday morning after returning from a business trip.

Her children had spent the weekend with their father.

On Wednesday night, after appearing on NBC’s Today show and giving interviews to other outlets, Christopher, 33, was arrested.

He was taken into custody but is yet to be charged. Family members say he confessed to the murders on Wednesday night after pretending for days not to know where his wife and kids were.

Authorities are being extraordinarily tight-lipped about the details surrounding the case.

They will not yet share what order they believe the children and their mother were killed in, nor will they say what prompted Watts to make his apparent confession.

The children spent the weekend at home with their father while their mother was away working.

At a press conference on Thursday morning, police said they were in the process of recovering the young girls’ bodies.

Shanann had returned from a business trip at 1am on Monday morning. She promotes a weight loss supplement for a living and travels the country to attend sales conferences.

The pair stayed up having what he described as an ’emotional conversation’ until 5.15am, when he claimed he left for work.

He then said he became worried when she did not reply to his text messages later in the morning. Watts said he became panicked when a friend arrived at the home at noon and there was no answer.

Late on Wednesday, he was taken into custody by police in Frederick but he has not yet been charged.

Police were seen searching the family’s home at the same time. They towed away Watts’ truck and were seen putting other evidence into bags.

Hours earlier, Watts appeared on NBC’s Today show where he said he had ‘no idea’ where they went.

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