Greene buoyed by the outcome of CARICOM Summit

Foreign Minister Chet Greene, Sir Vivian Richards and Prime Minister Gaston Browne

Antigua and Barbuda’s Foreign Affairs Minister, Hon. E.P Chet Greene has described this week’s CARICOM Summit held in Suriname as ‘one of the most productive’ such meetings he has ever attended.

Minister Greene said Caribbean people ought to be proud of the level of seriousness and commitment displayed by the leaders at the Summit that concluded on Tuesday.

“While Prime Minister Browne has spoken on the outcome of the meeting, having participated, I must say that I am buoyed by the level of camaraderie, by the expressions of solidarity and the embrace of the importance of having movement within and throughout the Caribbean. By movement am not just talking about the CSME, but am talking about airlifts and the movement of goods and services across the region. I think Caribbean leaders assembled in Suriname can take credit for the quality and content of their discourse,” Greene remarked.

He noted that the task is now up to the regional civil servants and technicians to ‘give life’ to the decisions made by the heads. He said it is a two-pronged approach; the heads formulating policies while the civil servants are charged with implementing those decisions.

He emphasized that as foreign minister he is fully on board with the vision as annunciated at the summit. He added that it was refreshing to have attended the meeting and to witness first-hand the commitment of the leaders to advance the cause of the integration movement.

“I have been to several of these meetings and I would tell you honestly that it was one of the more productive ones, more enlightening ones, more inspiring ones as I left there with a sense of hope in an environment of near-hopelessness as the pandemic did bring us close to that position,” he stated.The foreign affairs minister was particularly pleased to observe Caribbean leaders with the capacity, capability and the willingness to formulate plans and programmes, much of which, he felt, are in concert with the people, noting that here in Antigua and Barbuda theirs is widespread support for the positions adopted by Prime Minister Browne at the summit.


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