Government facilitates Job Fair to increase economic opportunities in Tourism

Over 500 jobs will be made available to Antiguans and Barbudans as a result of a collaboration between the Government of Antiguan and Barbuda and Royal Caribbean Group (RCG)

Holders of valid Antigua and Barbuda passports will be given the opportunity to apply for various positions during a July 4th to 7th recruitment drive to be held at the Multi-Purpose and Cultural Exhibition Center at Perry Bay from 9 am- 4 pm daily.

The initial three days will be used for the screening of prospective candidates, while the final two days will be used to interview the most suitable candidates.

RCG offers job opportunities around the world. Job contracts can range 6+ months depending on the position and department.

Selected positions may be offered on the spot during the July 4th to 7th recruitment drive, however candidates must successfully complete a medical evaluation and must be fully vaccinated or have begun the vaccination process.

All interested persons should complete a pre-liminary online registration process signaling intent at


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