Government And The Political Parties Agree Antigua Should Not Close Its Border

The government, as well as the leader of the political parties, agreed that it was in Antigua’s best interest to not close the border.

The Leader of the Opposition in Parliament, the Leader of the United Progressive Party, the Leader of the Barbuda People’s Movement, the Leader of the Democratic National Alliance, and the former Prime Minister, Mr. Baldwin Spencer, were invited to Cabinet to address their concerns over the Coronavirus crisis.

The Chairman of Cabinet, Prime Minister Browne, gave a general overview of the policies adopted by the administration since the outbreak and asked the heads of the parties if they were in agreement with NOT closing Antigua and Barbuda’s borders.

According to Hurst, the leaders of the three parties all agreed that it was not possible for Antigua and Barbuda to close its borders because of the high dependence on tourism and imports.

The Leader of the UPP voiced concerns over twelve issues: elder care facilities; the need for special clothing by janitors and cleaners and CBH/Solid Waste sanitation workers; provision of daily updates, local and international; keeping aggregate demand moving; seeking a moratorium from banks of 90 to 180 days; seeking to keep APUA from carrying out disconnections; implementing a credit guarantee program; checking on the cleanliness of trucks carrying potable water; daily disinfecting the city’s streets.

On each one of his voiced issues, the Prime Minister intervened to explain that the administration had already moved on addressing them. There was, therefore, a similarity in the thinking of both government and opposition. The issues were national and not political, it was agreed.


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