Ganja talks: call to inspect homes to protect kids

Members of the panel, from left, Attorney General Faris Al-Rawi, Dr Anthony Pottinger, marijuana expert Marcus Ramkissoon and Minister Fitzgerald Hinds address the public consultation on the decriminalisation of marijuana at Lecture Theatre E, The UWI, St Augustine.

In the event of decriminalisation, private citizens’ homes should be vetted by the authorities before leeway is given to cultivate even small amounts of marijuana, in order to protect children.

This was the view yesterday of certified cannabis expert Marcus Ramkissoon as the Ministry of Legal Affairs and Office of the Attorney General held the second public consultation on the decriminalisation of marijuana, at The University of the West Indies (The UWI), St Augustine.

While the comment drew some murmurs of disapproval, some muttered their approval as Ramkissoon said even those in favour of legalisation, or decriminalisation, must be unbiased.