Flow Party Monarch Finalists Announced

The finalists  for  this year’s Flow Party Monarch competition have been announced.

Groovy finalists:

  1. Claudette Peters (Arm’s Length),
  2. Ezzy Rattigan (Syrian Soca),
  3. Kimmy (Chug It),
  4. Lyricksman (SSSStama Man),
  5. Menace (Nar Tek You Back)
  6. Zamoni (Work It)

The defending groovy monarch is Tian Winter.

Jumpy finalists:

  1. Claudette Peters (Mash it Up),
  2. DJ Who (The List),
  3. Lyricksman (LSA Jam),
  4. Manace (Friends),
  5. Tian Winter (All for One),
  6. Zamoni (Shell Shock)

The defending jumpy monarch is Ricardo Drue.

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