Fast Food Operations in Barbados accused of Contributing to Non-communicable Diseases.

The representative for The  United Nations Children’s Find in Barbados has  accused fast food restaurants in  the country  of contributing  to  the growing number of cases of Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs).

Dr Aloys Kamuragiye, made it clear his statement was not an attempt to kill the industry, he charged the businesses could and should play a greater role in the fight against NCDs.

“They have also to think, it is a matter of social responsibility. They have to be part of the stakeholders to help Barbados [protect] its population  . . . from these non-communicable diseases. These are the key players, they have to look at what meals they serve and how they prepare the ingredients. It is not about stopping business. The human body needs some amount of fat, minerals, proteins . . . . Nutrition is about balancing what you eat,” he said.

Kamuragiye’s comments came on the sidelines of the international conference on (NCDs) hosted by The Schools Against Non Communicable Diseases Barbados under the patronage of reigning Miss World Barbados, Ashley Lashley. It was in association with the American University of Barbados and held at the United Nations headquarters at Marine Gardens, Christ Church on Thursday.

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