England fans Blame Turkish Referee for Their country’s defeat at the hands of Croatia

England fans have slammed World Cup semi final referee Cuneyt Cakir after the defeat to Croatia tonight and accused him of showing ‘bias’ towards the winners.

Some on social media called the Turkish national’s performance ’embarrassing’ and called for an investigation by Fifa.

Others said he should ‘retire’ after an ‘incompetent’ performance while some on social media targeted the Croatia players and accused them of underhand tactics and wasting time.

His decision to allow the Croatia equaliser was also criticised with fans claiming it should have been given as a foul against England for a high foot.

One Twitter user wrote: ‘The referee was a shambles though. Most disgusting performance from a ref that I have seen at this world cup.’

Well done FIFA you got what you wanted. A referee who hates England and was totally biased.’

Another wrote: ‘It’s quite clear that #FIFA #WorldCup referees are not interested in fair play #eng best players were nobbled at every opportunity.

‘We need to employ some cynical foul and cheating coaches to achieve anything at these tournaments. Well done lads you did your country proud!’

Cuneyt has previously refereed England five times and this was the first time the Three Lions had lost under his officiating.

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