Cruise ship bringing in over 4 000 crew

Aerial Harmony of the Seas - Offshore Barcelona (Spain) June 6, 2016Harmony of the Seas - Royal Caribbean international

The world’s longest cruise ship and the second largest arrives in Barbados today on a humanitarian mission.

The 1 188-foot-long Harmony Of The Seas is carrying over 4 000 crew members and will be facilitating the repatriation of crew, who have been stranded at sea for weeks, to their homes in Indonesia, the Philippines, Ukraine, the United Kingdom and Romania, on chartered aircraft over the next few days. The ship will be here until early June.

Harmony Of The Seas, owned by Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, carries 5 400 passengers and 2 100 crew on its regular eastern and western Caribbean itineraries.

It will be one of the 31 cruise ships to lay over in Barbados with cruising being brought to a virtual halt internationally since March because of the COVID-19 pandemic.


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