Calypso analyst calls for new calypso judging system

Calypso Analyst, Attorney Duncan Stowe, is calling for a new system of judging calypso.

The judging of calypso has attracted a lot of controversy over the years.

Stowe says he believes that in an effort to reduce discrepancies in the judging, in each round of the competition, judges should be drawn from two pools, those that are experienced and others who are less experienced.

He was speaking on a radio programme recently.

“If you have a panel of seven (7) you should choose at least 4 of the most senior persons and you could do that one of two ways, either an executive decide among themselves say, from that pool of 25 you are going to take 4 or people who are involved in coordinating, they could do a dipping process and 4 of the more senior judges for that particular night,” he explained.

“If you have 7 on the panel, maybe 4 could be chosen separately from the 3 least experienced, so at all times you would have at least one more experienced person…, Stowe added. “And the other pool of the least experienced/amateurs, beginners or newcomers you try to pull at least 3 of them so it will be a learning process.”

According to him, the least experienced judges could lean on the experienced or more senior persons.

He mentioned also, that there should be a post-mortem where judges should be held accountable and responsible for the decisions that they make throughout the season.