Cabinet Looking at the Possibility of Doing Study With regards to Egg Production

The Cabinet discussed the situation as it pertains to eggs. At the moment Antigua and Barbuda is self-sufficient in egg production; however, the egg producers are reporting a reduction in their profits as a consequence of the increased costs in fuel, feed and other inputs. Should the egg producers increase their prices to consumers, the Cabinet is of the view that imported eggs will become more affordable to large egg consumers like hotels and supermarkets, and to households. The Cabinet is unwilling to keep imported eggs out of the market if it would mean an increase in the cost of living. Many consumers have chosen eggs as a source of inexpensive animal protein, and a part of many breakfasts. The Cabinet is very much aware of the increased costs which the local egg producers face but implores them to keep their prices competitive, such that there will be no need for imports to displace them in any market. For this reason, the Cabinet proposes to have an accounting firm procure the services of a cost accountant, jointly acceptable to both the egg producers and the government, to examine the cost of producing a dozen eggs and the price for which a dozen eggs are sold by the producers. Until this study is completed, the Cabinet asks the egg producers to hold-off any change in prices.


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