Bharath: TT in danger of becoming a failed state

With general elections less than two years away, former PP government minister Vasant Bharath has acknowledged that meetings are ongoing with former members on both sides of the political divide to discuss solutions to the country’s multiple problems.

In a telephone interview yesterday Bharath also confirmed that he has been meeting people “on the ground level” along the East/West corridor to also solicit their views on the country’s governance.

“I have been holding meetings with a number of people over the last year or so and the majority of people in this country believe that the current PNM regime and government has not offered any solutions to the problems and challenges the country faces.”

“Former ministers of government from both sides, the UNC and the PNM and the COP are having discussions, academics from the university, people at the ground level, it is no secret that I have been holding meetings with people from the corridor and really trying to get a sense of what the solution is to the current problems.”

He said TT is in danger of becoming a “failed state” like Haiti or Venezuela unless an “intervention is made in quick time because that is where we are heading.”

And while he did not disagree that a new political party may be formed, he said there were other options available including the formation of a mass movement or the creation of pressure groups within the established political parties.