Bdos Health Ministry eases COVID restrictions

Mandatory COVID-19 testing and vaccinations for entry into Crop Over events, sporting activities, night clubs, graduations and other gatherings are no longer required.

However, mask mandates for indoor events and physical distancing of at least three feet remain in effect.

Minister of Health and Wellness Ian Gooding-Edghill announced the changes to COVID-19 protocols at the weekend.

“These changes have been implemented after careful consideration and evaluation of the public health risks, both locally and internationally, and the available measures needed to mitigate the impact of Covid-19,” he said.

Minister Gooding-Edghill also explained that all of the indicators used to measure the spread of the virus within communities continue to trend downwards.

“These include the positivity rate, currently at 18%; down from a high 32%, and the R effective currently at 0.89 down from a high of 1.2 six weeks ago.

“Unfortunately, we have lost 473 lives. However, there has been a slowing of the death rate.

“As to the situation at the Harrison’s Point facility, there are presently 28 persons receiving care, which represents a low of 10% of the total occupancy at the facility.”

Minister Gooding-Edghill however urged Barbadians to exercise good judgment and take personal responsibility to ensure there is no surge of the virus.

Below is the full list of changes:

As from tomorrow, there will be no testing or vaccine mandates to take part in community, social and sporting events including Emancipation and Crop Over, pleasure craft, private boats, party cruises, night clubs, karaoke, graduations and prize giving ceremonies to mention a few. Service providers, staff and performers will no longer be required to be tested or produce evidence that they are fully vaccinated.

  • Gatherings of 250 persons or more will require permission from the COVID Monitoring Unit and the National Cultural Foundation.
  • The restrictions on attendance and the length of service at funeral services, wedding ceremonies, wedding receptions and religious services will be removed.
  • The mask mandates for indoor events and physical distancing of three (3) feet or more are still in effect. For out-door activities mask wearing remains optional.
  • Mandatory hand sanitization is required for all public and private health care institutions, all educational based facilities (nursery through tertiary), all ports of entry (air and sea) and at the Prisons Dodd’s.
  • We will allow no more than one person to visit a patient in a nursing home, senior citizens’ home, geriatric hospital or a district hospital.

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