Antigua & Barbuda To Borrow ‘Hundreds Of Millions’ To Help Ride Out Covid-19

Browne who is also finance minister predicts that the Treasury will be further depleted in the coming period, presenting the government with significant challenges to deliver the customary goods and services in all sectors of our community.

He announced that “there will have to be belt-tightening, as hard choices are made to tide the entire nation over this difficult period that we did not create but, from which we could not escape.”

The prime minister also announced that in addition to the previous interventions; “our government will borrow a few hundred million dollars, to cover us for as long as we can, but the efficacy on the economy will depend on how soon the world and our own country, can throw open its doors to normal economic activities.”

Additionally, APUA will reduce electricity bills by 20 percent, to bring relief to their customers and no one will be disconnected during the next 90 days.

Also as part of the COVID 19 stimulus, effective Monday 30, 2020 the price of petrol, that is, diesel, and gasoline for fishermen will be reduced by 20 percent and the dollar barrel initiative will be reintroduced immediately for 90 days.


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