Antigua and Barbuda to Inject One Million dollars US into Liat.

The cabinet of Antigua and Barbuda has agreed to inject immediately one million dollars US into LIAT.The Prime Minister reported on the discussion and decision-making on LIAT which took place in Barbados last Wednesday night, March 6, 2019, among several Prime Ministers. Prime Minister Browne said clearly, there is need for all the Caribbean governments to bear the burden of LIAT, and there is a demand for cash injections from all islands which LIAT serves. LIAT is in crisis and in need of $80 million dollars from the decades-old difficulties facing the airline which are now unavoidable. Prime Minister Browne indicated,there is a demand for all trade unions to take a pay cut. The pilots also were persuaded that the alternative to a pay cut is the collapse of the airline. To this end,Antigua and Barbuda is required to provide immediately US$1 million dollars to keep LIAT flying.

The Cabinet made a decision to provide the amount. Nearly 700 LIAT employees reside in Antigua, and they spend significant portions of their income in the state. Antigua also is paid significant sums for landing fees, and fuel is purchased here for the aircraft stationed here.