Antigua and Barbuda Government Placing Priority on the nation’s Health

The Cabinet Of Prime Minister Gaston Browne has agreed to form a Sub-Committee of Cabinet comprising The Ministers of Health and Wellness, of Education, of Agriculture, of Sports and of Social Transformation in order to fulfill the human development goal of the United Nations to achieve health throughout life. Beginning with infants and following through with young adolescents, the objective is to ensure that those in need of assistance, in order to escape the usually harmful effects of poverty, will not be left behind in Antigua and Barbuda. According to the latest cabinet notes, good nutrition, an active lifestyle, access to classrooms and education, access to vaccinations and other kinds of treatment for infants, young mothers and youngsters, are to be assured to these groups at risk. Antigua and Barbuda scores high on the Human Development Index which measures a multiplicity of factors, including income, to determine how developed each country is relative to others