A Confucius Center to Be Established in Antigua By China

A Confucius Center will shortly be instituted, and those Antiguans and Barbudans interested in learning Mandarin will be able to begin learning the language.

According to the government,many students who intend to study in China have an interest in learning the language, as are many Foreign Service personnel, and business persons in the country.

Meanwhile The Prime Minister reported that he met with the Ambassador of China just before the Cabinet started on Wednesday, and that several important issues were discussed, several requiring action on the part of the Government. The 100 houses that are to be built on the land known as Booby Alley, the Point, are being designed; Several homes are being moved to two sites, on Bay Street and Belmont. The cost of creating the temporary housing and the other expenses, connected to the readying of the land, will impose an expenditure which the government says the treasury is prepared to meet.