A better Internet Service Coming for Antigua and Barbuda.

Prime Minister Gaston Browne has made it clear, that essential to Antigua and Barbuda’s development is high-speed broadband, with wide enough bandwidth to facilitate all the modern industries that now operate globally on the Internet.

To this end, the Prime Minister has indicated that is why in 2019, APUA will invest $80 million, to acquire its own sub-sea cable and to democratize access to the internet through the provision of more affordable, reliable and faster internet service to residents.

” We can no longer rely on investment by foreign-owned telecommunication companies alone, to take our country to the highest level of high-speed internet technology” the prime minister said.

He said, although they have made considerable profits here, which his government do not begrudge them and to which they were entitled under the arrangements of their initial investment, they have not provided the country with the technology the people of Antigua and Barbuda require at prices that are fair and affordable.  

Prime Minister Browne said the country, the people, and the economy cannot wait. 
He pointed out that Antigua and Barbuda must forge ahead,and in so doing is pushing no one out

” Instead, we are allowing APUA to set the pace in the race to better technology, lower rates and faster Internet”, the prime minister noted.

He also announced that governmet has introduced measures to ensure the equitable redistribution of the 850 spectrum among the telecom companies.

He observed that the Internet and high-speed broadband are the digital gateway to the world for new services from Antigua and Barbuda and for the enhancement of all existing businesses. 
The Prime Minister said it is a door the Government will throw wide open, so the young people, can benefit from a world market, connected seamlessly and instantly.

” As an offshoot of APUA’s participation in this lucrative world, its profitability will be utilised, in part, to subsidize the operation and maintenance of two additional reverse osmosis plants in Bethesda and Fort James in 2019. The addition of these two new plants, will increase the reliability and sustainability of our water supply,”the prime minister added